Cross of Christ Community Church

  "Preaching the Gospel of the Cross" 

Prayer Requests

Please check back here weekly for updated prayer requests. We appreciate your loving dedication to lifting these requests before our Almighty Lord.

February 2018 Prayer Requests

Anonymous- Healing for Charles Kornegay, Eddie & Sandi Thigpen, Darlene Holland, Betty Aldridge, Robert Huggins

February 2017 Prayer Requests

Amanda Lopez - Meeting with Immigration lawyer-Peace in having to pay for a unexpected expense-Brianna apt @ UNC-Needs a Job-Unsaved loved one

Kelley Watson - Healing for hurt in Brandon's heart - Tony's job to become regular so he can be in church

Amanda Lopez - 1. Gods grace for the college classes. 2. Salvation for Daniel Watson, Kathy Watson, Pam 3. President Trump and our Nation

4. Situation with the laws regarding immigration. Husband could be deported.

Cheryl DuffJenna Bryant healing, Brock Duff Healing, Salvation for family

November 2016 Prayer Requests

Anonymous - Healing for Jason Miller who suffered a severe brain injury after being hit by a car. 

November 2016 Prayer Requests

Kelley Watson- Kenya Building needs.

Michelle Hall- Joyce Brantley (mother) stopped heart meds due to side effects. Heart to be healed, Brother Davids baby will be healthy and no complications with pregnancy. Salvation for the following family members: Heather, Mitchell, Stevie, Tracy, David, Brittany, Brandon, Lindsay, Candie, Carlos, Chelsey, Ashley, Eric, Edward, Dusty,Travis, Ashley E., April, Erin, Bobby C., Amy Bowen, Staci Gott, Jessica.
Anonymous- Healing of cancer

September 2016 Prayer Requests

Cheryl DuffSalvation for family, Physical healing for Cheryl and Lee, Clarity from the Lord in Ministry

August 2016 Prayer Requests

AnonymousPhysical healing for Jennifer Johnson. Shan Shipmans ( 22 years old) family needs prayer due to her death.

Cheryl Duff- healing for Brock (son) , Lee and Jimmy Cavenaugh. Salvation for Brock and family members. Guidance and wisdom to be used of the Lord.
Anonymous- Aubrey Koance 3 month old baby needs healing.
Mike M.- Physical & spiritual walk. Clarity & wisdom from the Lord. Gods word revealed by His Spirit. Struggle of easily besetting sins to be overcome.
Shorty Harper- Ricky Batts son passed away in a car wreck. Needs comfort and healing from the Lord.

Tony Watson - continued favor in his job. Praying for a promotion to 'regular' by September. This will give him a regular schedule with every Sunday off.

Kelley Watson - pray for her mother's, Ramona, healing as she goes back to work, and for her brother, Burney, that will be having gallbladder surgery on Aug 9th. 

July 2016 Prayer Requests

Anonymous - Salvation for Robin Richardson, Becky and Cory Young

Anonymous - Tony Emory back surgery; healing.
                     Saraha and boyfriend needs healing from a accident. Son needs a better job. Financial needs. Salvation for daughter and her husband.

Charlie Wolfe - Pray for mom and dad

June 2016 Prayer Requests

Anonymous - Edward  is being tormented by suicidal thoughts. Needs salvation.
Carla Thomas - Healing for Howard Thomas and Jon Hall
Kelley Watson - Healing for Burney Marchant (brother)
Anonymous - Comfort for the family of Blair Edwards in the lost of a family member and salvation for the family
Amanda Lopez - Surgery and recovery, wisdom and peace on decisions for her mother, Husband to repent and a desire to serve God, Family to be in unity about joining the church, Mother-N-Law healing and finances, Children to grow in the Lord and always serve Him, Salvation for mother, dad healing for dad and him moving

Cheryl Duff - Families salvation, Lee ,Cheryl and Brock(son) need physical healing
Lynn Hill - Brother Billy needs physical healing
Carol Draper - Eric Draper to have some Sundays off of work.
Kelley Watson - Pray for healing of my mom Ramona's arm and my brother Burney's leg that has become life threatening infected.

May 2016 Prayer Requests

Jeff Thrower complete healing of back and body
Anonymous-  David Lee needs healing of cancer and salvation.Family needs help with the expenses.

Carol Draper - Prayer for Gods guidance in knowing what ways He would have her to serve Him. For Eric o be able to have off work on Sundays to attend church.
Michelle Hall - Prayers for cousin Teresa Nunn and family. Husband died in car wreck. Teresa needs deliverance from drugs and needs salvation.

Lynn Hill - Son Matt & his wife Jill's Salvation. Jill's healing for recent injury. 

April 2016 Prayer Requests

Kelley Watson- Gods Grace and Mercy for Foster Parenting Classes for her and Tony. Healing for Ramona Marchant
Jaxon Watson- that people will follow God.

Tony Watson- A moving of Gods spirit in his workplace. For people to come to the knowledge of God. Position at work by September that will provide all Sundays off.

Amanda Lopez- Healing of her meningioma tumor, safety while driving and safety for all childen at school. Salvation for Kathy Watson
Tony Lopez- (unspoken)
Cheryl Duff-Grandsons family needs a miracle in their finances (about to lose their home) and salvation. Grandson to do well with his emotions at school. Bro.Lee's sickness.
Michelle Hall- mother needs a physical healing for pain in chest and her foot. God to reveal himself in mother and fathers spiritual life that they would experience grace.

Lynn HillHaving her Thyroid Biopsy done April 12th. Sisters and brothers- Barbara, Rose, Gail, Robin, Billy
Cheryl DuffGrandsons mother (Rose) having surgery Monday, and salvation for her and her family. Salvation for my family.
A friends family member passed away. Wanting for us to grow closer to the Lord and to help others grow closer to the Lord also.
Kelley Watson- Amanda Lopez brain tumor. Ramona Marchants broken arm,healing and not to require surgery.

March 2016 Prayer Requests

Anonymous - Gods protection,relationship with Christ.
Jeff Thrower - Healing for back, and for his brothers surgery and healing. 

Anonymous -  Grandson CJ healing. Family salvation. Their ministry and to grow closer to the Lord everyday.

Kornegay Family- Peace, comfort and healing for Phoenix's Oral Surgery on March 18th.

Lynn Parlier- salvation for her children,personal issues, healing.
Michelle Hall-salvation for daughter.
Peggy Hanchey- healing for her mother, salvation for family member.
Jeff Thrower- healing for him and his brother.
Ronnie High- salvation for his daddy,grace and direction for his mother and sister.
Bobby and Lori White-healing for son.
Lee and Cheryl Duff- healing for them and their grandson,salvation of family members.
Carol Draper- husbands safety, direction in their moving.
Danny and Linda Smith- finances for them and a friend,salvation for son and family members, healing for Betty Toler and Diana Smith.